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Thomas Sabo GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of jewellery and watches. It was founded in 1984 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany by Thomas Sabo. The company engages in designing, manufacturing, and distributing jewellery and watches.


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Nicole Mogg says

"employees have no update. not helpful at all. I was urged to drive 40 km to have a ring graved after I was told by Thomas Sabo Germany to go to any Sabo-Shop in Switzerland. But that service does not exist anymore. The girl at the shop explained and refused to help any further. Customer Service is not in high range with that company. And noone gives a damn about your needs. after my written complain, did not get a feedback until I've written another Email. I've sent the jewelry back 12 days ago and still have not received the money back! Only one girl seemd to care and answerd my second Email, thank you Kira Stumpf. there are many other jewelry stores in this world. who wants to spend money on some big company who simply doesn't care about customers need? apparantly they do not need new customers. I was about to order the first time. but no thanks!"

Pauline McManus says

"If I could provide no stars I would. Thomas Sabo do not respond to emails, contact enquiries on website or phone calls, I called on Friday and no one in the whole company could help me. I ordered a necklace for my sister in laws 50th on 29/12/2020 that I needed for today 19/012020. Thomas Sabo emailed me advising it would arrive on 13/01/2021, it never arrived, I called UPS as Thomas Sabo not responding to any form of communications and was advised UPS would deliver on 19/01/2021 as it was delayed due to incorrect paperwork coming into the UK. I called Thomas Sabo on 18/01/2021 and was advised it had never left Germany, despite the communications previously, that they could not cope with the amount of queries and complaints and that was the reason they never responded, despite my credit card being debited for the goods at the time of purchase, I was offered that they could send the necklace again on 18/01/2021 and could possibly arrive today, UPS website states it is in Castle Donnington in Derby UK at 07:00 on 19/01/21 and Thomas Sabo advise it will arrive today. Just received an email from Thomas Sabo advising that item is delayed and UPS will deliver next working day, I am not sure which working day that will be as no one in in UPS seem to know when it will arrive. I am not sure which necklace I will receive, but if it does not appear by tomorrow then I will be asking Thomas Sabo for a refund. Avoid at all costs if you want your items to be received on time and expect to receive up to date communications from the seller. I will never purchase from Thomas Sabo online again, and I hope their CEO reads all of these reviews about their company. A birthday gift ruined."

Liam Kiely says

"Avoid their home site, worst customer service ever, they don't care whether you get item or not. You will get no satisfaction"

Jenny E says

"Terrible experience with Thomas Sabo, sent an item back over a month ago and still no refund. Can’t return to their shops? Have you ever heard the likes. I had to pay to return to Germany. Don’t waste your time buying from these cowboys."

Spencer Harvey says

"No reply from customer service after sending a return back (which was confusing enough) in December. The worst customer service I have ever received from a company in my life. I want a refund and they are not answering any email or enquires. Absolutely disgraceful."

Kev Pottage says

"Purchased a bracelet before Xmas as a present and it arrived damaged. I've contacted customer services by email and had no reply and tried contacting by phone. Avoid these scammers they are selling damaged products"


"My son ordered 2 charms for my Bracelet for Christmas, he ordered it a week before and paid for fast delivery. 2 days before Christmas they emailed him to let him know his items have been returned to their warehouse in Germany as the borders were closed. I understand that, what I don't understand is why wait till 2 days before Christmas to tell him when they knew way before then. Couldn't get through by phone, had to do it all by Messenger. They finally refunded a week later. Will never buy from these again now, went somewhere else."

Gordon J Frape says

"wanted to pay a complaint about a member of the team at Cribbs causeway due to above the call of duty for customer service, but when I asked the store manager it then went downhill appartanley Thomas Sabo store staff deal with customer interactions and they decide if a member of the team warrants praising went onto their website to lodge a complaint no responce"

Carol says

"Customer service is nonexistent. Got the answers I needed from ringing my closest store."

Helen Whitton Bruce says

"Ordered a single stud earring as a Christmas gift and they sent me an EMPTY BOX! I’ve emailed twice and heard nothing. Avoid!!!"

James Shulton says

"I ordered a bracelet 8 days ago paid a silly amount for delivery and it’s been delayed twice! Thanks for messing my Christmas up. Won’t be delivering from them ever again!!!"

Kathryn Bailey says

"Absolutely shocking jewellery it looked like it was from pound land Sent it back filled up with emails to see where my refund is and still no refund I would NOT recommend these for jewellery Cheap and not classy"

Caroline says

"Ordered two bracelets for my daughters for Christmas, when they arrived the condition was terrible, I wouldn't pay £4 for them never mind £40!!! The "silver" parts of the bracelets were tarnished, i would be embarrassed to give these to anyone as a gift!! I contacted their so called customer services nine days ago and I'm still waiting for a reply!! I will not be buying from this company again and I recommend nobody else does either!!"

Paul Trup says

"You order a gift card at the begining of December and to date they refuse to reply to my emails,the worst company I have ever dealt with, they keep your money and don't supply anything. to call them is a premium number in Germany, which would cost more than the gift voucher, avoid them."

Sharon Beard says

"Contacted them twice to tell them something missing from my order, no response at all. Thank God it was only a charm stopper as have placed orders previously which have been a lot more expensive. I appreciate the company must be busy, but if this is an example of their customer service then it’s very disappointing."

Isobel says

"The customer service is awful with Thomas Sabo! I ordered a present on a Monday evening and was told my order would arrive within 2-3 working days, I therefore expected it to at least arrive on the Friday! I received an email the Thursday evening stating my order would be with me on the Monday (a whole week when I needed the present for the weekend) and then I woke up on the Friday morning to see another email stating that the order would be with me on the Tuesday! I contacted Thomas Sabo to say it wasn't good enough and to ask for some guidance as to why my parcel was so late only to receive an automated reply saying that it would take up to 7 business days to respond to my message? It is such a shame that the delivery and customer service is awful as they have such beautiful items on their site. If you want to shop with Thomas Sabo shop in store and do not shop online!"

Andrew Mullins says

"I can't actually say whether the bracelet I have ordered on line (on 27.11.20) is as described as since ordering I have neither received it within the stipulated 2-3 working days nor received any communication from them whatsoever. There is no contact number and emails result in a standard response advising that they will respond in 7 WORKING DAYS! Disgraceful customer service. I will instigate a complaint via Paypal if I do not receive communication tomorrow (08.12.20)."

R M says

"Ordered ankle braclet and received over Christmas. The silver was turning black, so it's obvious it was not even polished before depatch. Don't know how any company can send an item like that. Poor service."

Nana says

"I bought a ring in full price , and when I wanted to return it as it was small size , I found it a hustle as u can’t return stuff bought on website to any store which is annoying , also no return sticker coming with the parcel , so I made a research to find return information and how to get a return label which it takes two days , I’m not happy with the services and I’m not buying things on web again , as refund also takes more than two weeks" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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